Monday, May 07, 2007

Google command line help

Some of google command line use in search box.

/img string - Searches string in Google Images.
/groups string - Searches for string in Google Groups.
/define word - Find definitions of word in online dictionaries.
/translate languages:language text or /translate languages:language url - /translate languages:en|de Where are you from?
en|de English to German
en|es English to Spanish
en|fr English to French
en|it English to Italian
en|pt English to Portuguese
en|ja English to Japanese (beta)
en|ko English to Korean (beta)
en|zh-CN English to Chinese (Simplified) (beta)

/info url - Display a Google's page with possible information about url, and links to the other URL tools listed above.
/pdf string - Searches for documents in Adobe Portable Document Format (old Acrobat) .pdf